Deep Down…

I don’t know whether I actually fancy the swanky notes of Etta James or because I’m tiptoeing on the line between my roaring 20s and geriatric 30s, but Zhavia’s 2018 single “Deep Down” checks all the musical boxes for me. Nowadays, I seem to gravitate to music that sonically fuses the melodies of present day with the soul of yesteryears. “Back when music was still music”, as the Baby Boomers say.

So how is it that I happened upon this song that is such a breath of fresh air? 

One evening, I found myself aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, like a good Millennial, and I came across an ad for Spotify. In this ad, Zhavia was one of several featured “Artists To Watch” and I was immediately intrigued by her raspy voice and the feel good lyrics of her single. 

Actually, that’s not true.

In the interest of full transparency, as much as I’d like to say that the initial intrigue of the song was the “I’d Rather Go Blind” sample strung throughout the melodies, it really wasn’t. What first really intrigued me was the uncertainty of how to correctly pronounce Zhavia’s name (Sha-vee-uh? Shay-vee-uh? Zah-vee-uh?). The second layer of intrigue was the uncertainty of if she was just a “light-skinned Sistah with Soul” or a “Snow White that’s BOLD“. 

A quick Google search cleared all that up for me.
Since hearing “Deep Down” for the first time, I’ve never not put it on my car ride rotation. I’ve come to identify with the overarching theme of resilience that this song focuses on. It’s an anthem for the flyers and outliers who aspire to move toward their purpose. 
At the end of the day, something deep down has got to propel you to your true self in this world. And when you get there, thank Zhavia for encouragement.

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