What type of music do you produce? ..That is the question.

What we do here is listen. We listen to your stories, your history and your ambitions. We listen for the subtleties of your expression and what brings you joy, pain, happiness, and despair.  We listen to your.. well, "voice"

We listen.. then we create.

We transcend gener classification and create from the soul.

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Cover Art

So It Was Pt1

Photo Shoot

"Photo shoot fresh, looking like wealth, I'm about to call the paparazzi on myself."  -Jay-Z

photo shot in the city
francoislabel shoto shot example

7 photographers who are also personal friends of the company with long standing professional relationships. Each with their own style, approach and demeanor. Hand picked by the company's founder to exemplify the vision and mission of Francois Label. Art inspires breath and also leaves you breathless.


College Radio ~ Youtube Promo ~ Instagram Cameos

College Radio Plays

College Radio Show broadcasted live in Montgomery, PA. and
Soundcloud and iTunes Podcast

College Radio Appearance

Go live on air with us at the Station
College Radio Show broadcasted live in Montgomery, PA. and
Soundcloud and iTunes Podcast

Montco Radio

Montco Radio Club

Montco Radio Club Website


Local FM Radio Broadcast

Uptown Radio/WJYN 98.5 FM broadcast in North Philadelphia

One of Philadelphia's new community radio stations.

2227 N Broad St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Uptown Theater has been an ionic legend maker for the Black community right here in the heart of North Philly for a number of years; Now we have the opportunity to restore the buzz to its original splendor with a community station that hits the heart of things that really matter."
 -CbLife Myers

Philadelphia Uptown Theater

Uptown Radio


Live Performance

Music Video